The Maryland Transportation Authority Board approved a new plan on Thursday that establishes a grace period of unpaid tolls. Civil penalties will be waived for anyone who pays ether outstanding bills in full by December 1.

Mask mandates for businesses have already expired. 

Supporters said the bill is about transparency and accountability. But opponents said transparency is already built into the system. 

Maryland lawmakers are debating a referendum bill that could place marijuana legalization on the November ballot.

He's citing the improving COVID-19 metrics as his reason for his request. 

Hogan said he could not finish his term as governor and run for Senate at the same time. 

The voters will decided if this bill passes in November.

A neighbor told police they checked on the 49-year-old man after not seeing him for more than a day and found him lying on the floor unconscious.

State law requires the governor to present a balanced budget. The Maryland General Assembly can only cut from his proposals, not add or reallocate funds.