Andy Paladino “Ask the Financial Advisor” Show

How much money do you need to save for retirement – and what is your plan to make that money last? Andy Paladino helps break down your retirement “wants, needs and desires.”

Where are you getting your short-term emergency funds?

“Shrinkflation” – how manufactures are reducing package sizes while keeping prices the same.

401K, PENSION, AND SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT Looking at the pillars of your financial plan, getting back to the basics. Asset Allocation vs Asset Designation

Should 401K plans be eliminated or managed by the government?

Is there really a correlation between the Super Bowl winner and the performance of your investment? A fascinating history of “The Super Bowl Indicator.”

What’s the advantage of a Cash Value Life Insurance Policy. More people are turning 65 and are ready for retirement; about 1/3 have a fear of running out of money (or have already run out).

Key Market indicators for the economy / Understanding your sequence of returns and how to understand the market & market risk.