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Maryland Gov. and Schools Chief Hold Covid-19 Update Presser

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

On Wednesday, Gov. Larry Hogan presented his final budget as executive. In it, he’s pledging $4.6 billion in tax cuts and $8.15 billion for K-12 education. He will leave $3.6 billion in the Rainy Day Fund to help the state in its next emergency.

Gov. Hogan is also allocating $75 million to local health departments still dealing with the pandemic, enhanced SNAP benefits for children and seniors and increased assistance with utility and electric bills. There will also be $500 million given to law enforcement over the next 3 years for the Re-fund the Police program.


“We’ve been through a lot together, especially over the last two years, as we have tirelessly battled global pandemic,” he said. “But today I can think of no better way to begin this last year than by presenting a budget, which continues to keep the promises we made and that builds on the bipartisan progress that we have achieved to change Maryland for the better.”

The governor also proposed eliminating taxes on income for seniors over the next 6 years. That would remove 70,000 seniors from the tax rolls.

“This is not just good for our economy, it’s also good for our quality of life,” Hogan said. “Our seniors deserve to have the peace of mind to know that they can afford to stay right here in Maryland, where they have spent their lives working and raising a family, and where they continue to contribute so much.”

Gov. Hogan is proposing spending $1.4 billion on roads and bridges and $1.3 billion on improving mass transit.

State law requires the governor to present a balanced budget. The Maryland General Assembly can only cut from his proposals, not add or reallocate funds.

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