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    Dr Pat Show

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    EXiT Spivey Professional Realty

    Donnell Spivey

    Source: EXIT Spivey Realty / EXIT Spivey Realty

    Listen to Maryland Realtor Donnell for help in preparing your home for sale and a free market analysis! For more info, visit, call 410-680-2004, or visit his Ellicot City office at 9396-B Baltimore National Pike!

  • 12:00pm - 1:00pm

    Pathfinder International Hour

    Hosted by Femi Odedeyi, going beyond the headlines, “Pathfinder International House” explores economic, political, social and cultural prospects within the African community on the continent and its multi-layered diaspora variously defined either as black, African American or afro-descendants, all of whom have roles in the emerging global scenario.

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    Legendary Radio

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    E.N.T. Radio

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    Changing the Narrative: Voices of Encouragement

    Changing the Narrative Voices of Encouragement

    Source: Michael and Selina Joiner & Rev. Dr. Andre H. Humphrey / Michael and Selina Joiner & Rev. Dr. Andre H. Humphrey

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    The Holistic Hour

    holistic hour on wolb

    Source: Dr. Nikki Francis and Pastor JL Fleming / Holistic Hour

    Join Dr. Nikki Francis and Pastor JL Fleming on Saturdays, 1-2pm on Praise 106.1 FM and from 2-3pm on WOLB 1010 AM. ┬áHere, they will combine Science, Herbology and Theology to help you take your Power back over your Health. Co-hosts are both natives of Baltimore City. Dr. Nikki, an educator, Scientist and Doctor of Education and Bio-sociologist along with Pastor JL an experienced ordained Pastor will show you how to heal yourself in mind, body and spirit by using plant-based products like herbs, vegetables, oils and natural ingredients that are already in your kitchen. Learn the alchemy of creating healing balms, oils and foods that create a healthy body. Call in with your own family home remedies during the ‘Who had Roots on You?!!!,’ Home remedy segment.

    As a part of your holistic health team (with your physicians), they will get to the “Root of the Problem” by treating the health issue and not just the symptoms. Shows will include experts in Medicine, nutrition and ministry. They will discuss topics such as simply water, hemp-based treatments, Biblical essential oils, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, massage, meditation and prayer. Learn about teas, tinctures and tonics that will soothe and heal you. Join us each Saturday for the Holistic Hour: Heal Yourself Doctors with Dr. Nikki and Pastor JL! Take your Power back over your Health, now:

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