The Carl Nelson Show

Master Teacher Ashra Kewsi, Marketing Expert Overton Wilkins and Griot Baba Amefika Geuka talk midterm results on the Back Community plus more

Chairman Omali Yeshitela will update us on the recent FBI raid on his St. Louis compound. Then griot Baba Amefika will lead a tribute to Professor Jim Clingman.

Reparations & Critical Thinking Advocate Dr. David Horne will report on the recent Panama City Conference. Plus we'll reflect on the 42nd anniversary of Radio One/Urban One.

Futuristic Researcher Sadiki Bakari shares the latest AI Artificial Intelligence Developments. Plus Music Journalist Bill Carpenter & DC Activist Dr. Kokayi Patterson

Mult-talented researcher Keidi Awadu returns to our classroom and will outline some important financial moves we should be making as we begin the final quarter of 2022.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jerome E Fox claims to have the solution for White Addiction. Also DC-based activist Preacher William Lamar explains why Faith leaders should be involved in Voting Rights.

Zaki Baruti will preview Tuesday's elections, The attack on the Uhuru Movement & Bill Russell's contributions to the struggle. Plus Dr. Kmt Schokley & Dr. Nah Dove.

Griot Baba Lumumba from Umoja House in Washington, DC will explain why he thinks Black Liberation is focused too much on the money. The conversation continues with...

Powertalker, PanAfrican Educator Professor James Small will discuss the attack on our image and what we can do about it. The conversation continues with...

Professor Griff will discuss Texas' attempt to white-wash history by declaring slavery was involuntary Relocation. The conversation continues with...