According to a new Goucher Poll, 28% of Marylanders said economic issues are on the forefront of their minds when deciding on their vote.

Right now, the state board of education is saying they will review the state's universal mask mandate in December.

The pace of new infections has slowed down since the peak of the Delta variant spread. 

The new study from ranked the cities on a wide range of criteria.

The state is working with Alorica to process these claims. The agency has processed 844,000 claims, about 97.9%, but the 2.1% that remains represent thousands of Maryland families.

It's called the Witness Security and Protection Grant Program Act.

It would have given people access to federal money to rebuild. 

The department also said motorists traveling in western Maryland should be on the lookout for bears crossing roads in search of food.

More than 82% of Marylanders eligible for the vaccine have gotten a shot.

A historic Black cemetery in Maryland is at the center of a development dispute, first after it was turned into an apartment complex parking lot and currently due to a property firm that may be looking to exploit the grounds even further.