Everyone was in the holiday spirit this year, including some of NYPD’s finest who pulled over unsuspecting families to deliver Christmas presents to their children. After Bronx’s 47 Precinct received an overwhelming supply of Christmas donations, a group of officers used their routes to bring presents to children in the neighborhood on Christmas Eve. Many […]

The holiday season brings shoppers to the malls in a frantic frenzy every holiday season.Everyone wants the best deals and the best sales. But some items just never go on sale. Jordan’s (Michael Jordan Sneakers) would be that very item that is never on sale. How much will you spend this holiday? Well, if Jordan […]

Via  Tis the season to start the holiday shopping. But, if your on a holiday budget be careful of merchandisers that take advantage of  “get a deal” shopping. Federal agents feel that a warning for this years holiday shopping is very necessary for consumers. Why? Read More. What’s HOT This Black Friday? 9 Thanksgiving Nutrition Myths, […]