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The holiday season brings shoppers to the malls in a frantic frenzy every holiday season.Everyone wants the best deals and the best sales. But some items just never go on sale. Jordan’s (Michael Jordan Sneakers) would be that very item that is never on sale.

How much will you spend this holiday? Well, if Jordan Sneakers are on the list, then most likely you’ll be spending a lot. Some think the $300 a pop sneaker is way too much to splurge on, while others cant wait to get in long lines for the same sneaker every year. At least we know who’s holiday bank isn’t going to be dry; Michael Jordan.  His re-release of the same sneaker is a huge money maker for the re-tired athlete.

If people continue to pay these prices for sneakers it will only cause the shoe companies to continue to raise the prices and average people will be wearing their rent. Also, the crime rate for these items increases every year.

Jordan’s aren’t the only gift that will break your bank. What other expensive holiday gifts will you splurge on?

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