From mugs to prayer candles to a wall clock, here are 7 perfect presents inspired by the beloved California Congresswoman.

If you have a special someone that likes to create content, here are the top 10 gifts for this holiday season.

Many movies and books have defined Santa Claus as a White man who gives out gifts for Christmas, then returns home to Mrs. Santa Claus and his helper elves. Well, this folklore is about to be disrupted thanks to comedy writer Daniel Kibblesmith. Kibblesmith is producing a new children’s book with Harper Design that will star […]


According to police officials, there were 27 shootings that left 12 individuals dead and 48 others wounded.


The lack of diverse representation on wrapping paper inspired Jackie Rodgers and her husband to launch Greentop Gifts.

Everyone was in the holiday spirit this year, including some of NYPD’s finest who pulled over unsuspecting families to deliver Christmas presents to their children. After Bronx’s 47 Precinct received an overwhelming supply of Christmas donations, a group of officers used their routes to bring presents to children in the neighborhood on Christmas Eve. Many […]

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Ingredients  3 pounds of bacon..thin sliced A mini muffin tin to cook up the bacon balls. Click here for directions