Mayor Jack Young

Baltimore police are refuting reports that a white van is driving around looking to abduct women. “We’re getting reports of somebody in a white van trying to snatch up young girls for human trafficking and for selling body parts, I’m told, so we have to really be careful, because there’s so much evil going on, […]


Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young expressed frustration Wednesday with rising violence in the city, and with residents he says do not cooperate with police. When asked about the growing trend of nonfatal shootings, Young’s response to residents of the neighborhoods experiencing this violence, claiming they know who the perpetrators are and should look to […]

It was a violent weekend for Baltimore, police responded to eight shootings and a deadly stabbing. There were 11 people were injured and two men were killed, including a 17-year-old. I response to the violence, Mayor Jack Young said he’s thinking of having people solve their issues in a public boxing match. “Gun violence has […]