Atlanta’s famous Morehouse College announced that it will be admitting transgender men to the school in 2020. The school’s board of trustees approved the move over the weekend stating,  “Once admitted to the College, all students are expected to self-identify as men throughout their education at Morehouse.” Other single gender schools across the country are […]

Guy Anthony and George Johnson founded the nonprofit, Black, Gifted, and Whole, to help empower young, queer Black men through mentoring and scholarship at HBCUs.

The new policy will allow young boys to join the organization based on their gender identity...

Fox News reports that the Brazilian mom confessed to stabbing her teenage son to death because she couldn’t accept that he was gay.

As President Barack Obama prepares to leave office, NewsOne takes a look at some of his most impressive wins.

After over nine hours of meeting Republican and Democratic leaders in the state could not devise a concrete plan for a repeal.

Plus, conservatives call for holiday boycott of Target for store's pro-LGBT support and Colin Kaepernick and Miami newspaper reporter spar words over Fidel Castro.

North Carolina State Representative Cecil Brockman is taking a stand on behalf of the LGBT community.

The vice presidential hopeful addressed Donald Trump's claims of a rigged election, calling Trump's antics "insulting."

Tennis star Serena Williams has been eliminated from the 2016 Rio Olympics.