The shooting comes days after a weekend that saw 63 people shot in the streets of the Windy City leading to 12 victims dead. The violence spurred Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to take to her Twitter account to address the tragic funeral home shootout while calling for anyone with information to help find the perpetrators. 


An offensive flyer for a Sen. Elizabeth Warren volunteer event in Chicago surfaces the net and gets torn to shreds.


After pressure from city council members she explains her idea.

Chicago police confirmed they are questioning the 33-year-old, but would not say when he was arrested, nor would they release his name to the public. 


Brandi Hodges, 40, began complaining she didn't feel well as they walked off the aircraft.

Since 2001, nearly 51 women, mostly African-American, were strangled or asphyxiated on the south and west sides. The Chicago Police Department is finally reviewing those deaths to see if they are connected.


The 56-year-old is also the first openly gay candidate to be mayor of the Windy City.

The Illinois Supreme Court declined to resentence Jason Van Dyke.

Facebook Live went from a fun, live streaming tool to becoming video evidence for law enforcement. Unfortunately, Chicago Police know that all too well after charging a 14-year-old boy for his role in an alleged gang rape of a 15-year-old girl that was streamed on Facebook Live. According to NBC News, authorities said the attack involved five or six males. Police […]

Officials believe that the attack involved five or six young teens and that more arrests are coming.