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With tears running down her cheeks and her voice breaking with emotion, a Bronx mom finally admitted yesterday that she took seven children on a drunken hell ride that ended with one girl lying dead on the side of a Manhattan highway. Carmen Huertas, 32, pleaded guilty to all 16 counts against her stemming from […]

A 70-year-old man was busted Friday for allegedly selling $20 bags of cocaine from his home, according to today’s editions of The Jersey Journal.

Steven Slater, a JetBlue flight attendant blew his top on an incoming flight at Kennedy Airport on Monday, dropped the F-bomb over the intercom and bolted down an emergency slide.

The armed robbery happened around midnight in the 700 block of Glenwood Avenue, according to Atlanta police dispatchers.

Forget the honey pot: This bear was lured by a different poison — peanut butter.

From Time.com: It died and broke into many small pieces, but one massive jellyfish managed to sting more than 150 people at a New Hampshire beach.