From the NY Times: Tahani Tompkins was struggling to get callbacks for job interviews in the Chicago area this year when a friend made a suggestion: Change your name. Instead of Tahani, a distinctively African-American-sounding name, she began going by T. S. Tompkins in applications. Vonne Orr, also searching for work in Chicago, removed her […]

Often, the world of advertising and media provide more than enough material for this column. But sometimes I get tired of chasing down all the bad guys because, let’s be honest, little ol’ Indian me (as many of you have so supportively pointed out..) can’t save the world. This whole re-evaluation got me thinking about […]

There seems to be a war of some sorts going on between white supremacist hackers and African American and Hip Hop websites. Earlier today a hacker spammed the words “white power” all over the social networking site, Blackplanet.