New York

Bad news if you're planning to travel north sometime soon. 

Maryland is added to a list of states under a quarantine travel advisory if residents go to New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. Under the advisory, Marylanders must self-isolate for two weeks and get a coronavirus test if they are visiting New York, New Jersey or Connecticut due to recent resurgence of coronavirus cases in […]

While people don't want to abolish the police force entirely, we would like to see resources go to other programs that could help citizens with real world problems such as social workers as opposed to relying on police officers respond to domestic problems they're not equipped to handle with a gun and handcuffs. That's the basis for the calls of defunding the police.

The video of Gugino being assaulted by Buffalo PD outraged social media and fellow protestors as the graphic injury was on display for all to see. To make matters worse police pulled one of their own off the Gugino when he seemingly went to check on the elderly man while he was bleeding on the ground, once again showcasing how far police will go to absolve themselves of any responsibility.

The two men were found hanging from trees 10 days apart in California, sparking concerns that they were lynched.

A Long Island high school teacher is accused of comparing four black students to monkeys, and the teacher is being supported by the community.

"He picked the wrong house," Willie Murphy said of the robber that she whooped for breaking down her door.