Via Maryland State’s highest court ruled that the Dream Act will remain on the ballot. The Dream Act allows illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition to attend college.  Keeping the act on the ballot means it is now subject to a statewide vote.  Read full breaking news story here…

Via: Lawmakers are assessing the financial impact in funding teacher pensions. Currently, the state funds 100 percent of pensions for all Maryland teachers. However, in recent years that cost has skyrocketed so state lawmakers have approved a bill to begin shifting the cost to Baltimore City and the counties. Click here to read more 

Via: Metro has removed a total of 94 buses from service after one caught fire in Maryland, the second such fire in less than a week. Metro says there were no passengers aboard the Orion VI bus traveling on Route 50 when it caught fire Tuesday, and no one was injured. Last Thursday, another […]

Via: Transportation officials in West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia are looking for ways to reduce congestion on U.S. 340. Media outlets report that a study of traffic on the highway is planned from Charles Town, W.Va., to Frederick, Md. The study will include a section that runs through Loudon County, Va. To read more […]

Via: CNN Three public school employees who have been working multiple jobs are winners in the historic Mega Millions lottery. And because they are remaining anonymous, and plan to keep working, their students and co-workers may never know. “If it can’t be you, these are precisely the people that you would want to see win […]

Via: A bill modifying a law that allows Maryland prisoners to ask the court to suspend their child support payments is scheduled for a final vote in the state Senate. Prisoners can already apply for a waiver because they have no income while in jail, but the bill would allow child support payments to […]

Via: Maryland senate are taking steps in expanding gambling, by approving on table games such as Black Jack and Roulette. The state Senate gave preliminary approval  to the bill on Monday. If passed it will have to be voted on by Maryland voters. To read more click here

Via: Those who oppose the law that gives gay couples the right to marry in Maryland have officially begun their effort to overturn the law. Maryland Marriage Alliance officials announced Wednesday that they have launched the petition drive to collect the nearly 56,000 signatures needed to bring the law to referendum on the November […]

Via: Governor Martin  O’Malley has signed a measure to join seven other states including Washington D.C. in legalizing gay marriage. The bill was signed on Thursday and it set to take effect in January of 2013. There are several groups opposing the states decision and are expected to petition the law to a referendum […]

Via: Maryland residents have until March 13th at 9 p.m. to register to vote. This rapidly approaching deadline applies to the changing of polling places and party affiliations. To be eligible to vote, residents must complete a voter registration application. The primary election takes place on April 3rd. To read the entire article click here