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Roland Martin and his panel of guests went in on Lil Wayne for saying there is no such thing as racism during a recent interview.

Another day, another black celebrity that decides to put their foot in their mouth regarding racism and race relations in this country instead of just remaining silent and letting their fans continue to be ignorant of their true feelings. The latest celebrity on the “racism doesn’t exist” bandwagon, is none other than everyone’s go-to person […]

UPDATE 9:35 PM EST: A tweet on Lil Wayne’s Twitter timeline says that it was a false alarm. I'm good everybody. Thx for the prayers…

The family of slain civil rights icon Emmett Till is furious at Lil Wayne  over a verse on Future’s remix to “Karate Chop.”  In the song, Weezy raps, “I pop a lot of pain pills / beat that p*ssy up like Emmett Till.” Read more on this story a LIKE WOLB 1010 On Facebook […]

New York is a city that seeps in the stench of hot urine, congestion, and inflation. I happen to love the place, but it’s not…

MIAMI-Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant was reportedly involved in a fight with rapper Lil Wayne and his entourage at club Liv on South Beach in Miami. Bryant was detained by police but not arrested. According to reports the fight was over a debt Bryant had to a firm that was linked to Lil Wayne’s […]

Better Education Place, a South Florida-based education company, has named both Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj  their “Teachers of the Year.” According to the company’s media page, in order to receive the award, nominees, which included actual teachers, were judged against seven categories: RELATED: Nicki Minaj Wins Two Trophies At American Music Awards The duo […]