kanye west

In his first run for President, Kanye West received over 60,000 votes in 12 states including Tennessee, Minnesota, Kentucky and Colorado.

Kanye West's alleged presidential campaign just hit a major snag. Yeezy missed a campaign donation deadline, which hints that run for President is as struggle-filled as anyone with sense predicted.

Who had Kanye West could face election fraud on their 2020 bingo card? Yeezy has confirmed he is the Ops, but his alleged use of suspect signatures in order to get on ballots across the nation has exposed him to potential prosecution.

While it remains to be seen who'll Kanye will hurt more in the end or if he'll even still be running come November, one things for sure, we're not going to be adding "President" to the spoiler candidate's resume anytime soon.

Kanye West's political run continues to get weirder and weirder. He apparently gave people from his hometown cold hard cash to get him right.

Whether or not Kanye West is not taking his meds, one thing is obvious, his lack of knowledge when it comes to African American history.

Kanye West hasn't decided to drop out of the 2020 Presidential Race after all. According to TMZ, Kanye West has indeed continued with his presidential run by officially registering as a candidate. On Thursday (Jul 16), Yeezy completed the first round of paperwork with the Federal Election Commission. Filing out the State of  Candidacy form, Kanye reveals that he met the minimum requirement of raising at least $5000 in campaign-related expenses, which allowed him to officially add his name to the ballot under the federal campaign law.