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Earlier this week it was revealed that Republican ops were behind Kanye West‘s sudden push to run for President of the United States and in the process syphoning away Black votes from Joe Biden, hence, helping Donald Trump.


While even Charlamagne Tha God admitted that he might vote for Yeezus should he see his name on the ballot come November, Trump’s allies are now fearing that their new poli-trick will ultimately backfire and hurt Cheeto Jesus in the end. Though many Trump supporters are hopeful that West’s inclusion on the ballot will peel off many would-be Biden votes, Raw Story is reporting that other GOP representatives are fearing that it’s actually a double-edged sword that will end up cutting into Trump votes as well as.

“Of course it’s a good idea,” said Stuart Jolly, Trump’s national field director in 2016. “The margins were small in states like Wisconsin [which Trump won] in 2016. Who knows how small they’re going to be this time around? If you’re a [Republican operative] who wants the president to win, more power to them.”

But not all share the sentiment or optimism as“seven GOP sources told The Daily Beast they’re concerned the stunt could hurt the president one way or another.”

“[It] could siphon from Trump Blacks who don’t like Biden,” said John McLaughlin, a top Trump pollster. “Blacks who don’t like Biden in a two-way race would vote for the president. Now they might consider Kanye.”

God don’t like ugly, b.

Though it’s too late for Kanye to qualify for the Presidential race so late in the game, his GOP operatives are signing him up in swing states that are crucial to a Trump victory, and even with his wild rant of a rally, he’s still capable of getting votes in places like Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Missouri.

While it remains to be seen who’ll Kanye will hurt more in the end or if he’ll even still be running come November, one things for sure, we’re not going to be adding “President” to the spoiler candidate’s resume anytime soon.

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