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Faculty and staff are also “strongly urged” to be vaccinated before coming back to campus.

John Hopkins University might as well reach out to Cardi and ask if she's willing to get on the remix to this joint. We feel like she'd actually consider it even if it is along side some lesser talented rappers. Just sayin.'

A huge honor for one Johns Hopkins University professor.

  A noose was found at a construction site owned by Johns Hopkins University Friday afternoon. An investigation is underway for this apparent hate crime that has prompted the Johns Hopkins University to shut down the job site until further notice. The noose was found during renovations a research lab in the Stieff Silver building […]

Johns Hopkins University is planning pay cuts and lay off to employees because of the financial hit due to Covid-19. The university president said it’s expecting to furlough and lay off employees because of the money lost during this pandemic. JHU expects to lose more than $100 million by the end of June. The cuts […]

Baltimore City Police are investigating after a Johns Hopkins student was found dead on campus Saturday night. Officers found the student in a dorm on the 3500 block of N. Charles Street at around 8 p.m. after she stop breathing. She was pronounced dead on the scene. Detectives are investigating the incident as a suspicious […]

Johns Hopkins made the cut! The school was voted one of the 10 best national universities in the country, here is the list of the top 10: 1. Princeton 2. Harvard 3. Columbia 3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5. Yale 6. Stanford 6. University of Chicago 6. University of Pennsylvania 9. Northwestern 10. Duke 10. […]

A new research center is coming to Johns Hopkins University to explore the use of psychedelic drugs to better understand addiction. The center for psychedelic research will be funded by $17 million worth of grants from private donors. According to Johns Hopkins, it will provide support for a team of six faculty neuroscientists, experimental psychologists and clinicians […]

A man is wanted for attempted assault and indecent exposure. The incident allegedly happened back on the evening of May 23rd on the the campus of Johns Hopkins University. The university sent a public safety advisory email to the campus community, saying a jogger on the 3300 block of San Martin Drive between Wyman Park Drive and […]


Dozens of officers are at Johns Hopkins University Wednesday morning, where students have been protesting the college’s decision to create its own police force. The students were given three exterior warnings by police on the bull horn, and then the fire department cut through the locks that were chaining the administration building shut. See Also: Maryland […]