Jasmine Key

Via Foxbaltimore.com A prisoner escaped from Central Booking shortly after 11:00 a.m Monday.  The department of corrections officer shot the prisoner. The condition of the prisoner is unknown at this time. Read Here For More Details. Happy Birthday To Radio One’s Founder Cathy Hughes! CAPTURED: First Images Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Boston Marathon Bomber: Tamerlan Tsarnaev […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com E.L Konigsburg, an award winning, children’s book author and illustrator has died at the age of 83.  Her son states that his mother died on Friday at a hospital in Falls Church, Va.  She suffered a bad stroke the week before she passed away. Read Here For More Details. CAPTURED: First Images Of […]

Cathy Hughes, born Catherine Elizabeth Woods in Omaha, Nebraska on April 22, 1947, is an African-American  entrepreneur, radio and television personality and business executive. Hughes founded the media company Radio One and later expanded into TV One, the company went public in 1998, making Hughes the first and only African-American female to head a publicly traded corporation at the time. In the […]

Luther Ronzoni Vandross, would’ve been 62 today but we continue to celebrate his life in the entertainment  industry. Luther finally made his long desired career breakthrough as a featured singer with the vaunted pop-dance act change, a studio concept created by French-Italian businessman Jacques Fred Petrus. Their 1980 hits, “The Glow of Love” (by Romani, […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com Law enforcement officials and the uncle of the suspects have confirmed that the name of the second suspect in the Boston Bombings is Tamerlan Tsarnaev, older brother of  Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, still at large and very dangerous.  The uncle Rusian Tsarni, of Montgomery Village, MD states that both men lived together and have […]

Via Today.com Lots of charity and medical organizations have been moving since Wednesday when the massive explosion of West, Texas killed around 15 people and injured more than 170 people.  While many rescuers are digging through the rubble of what’s left, aid organizations such as American Red Cross and the Salvation Army has been providing food and […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com A glitch detected in the network system on Tuesday delayed hundreds of flights and left many passengers upset.  Around noon yesterday the airline stopped all flights ad their system malfunctioned. “Like how does a whole computer network system for a major airline go down,”  said Tracey Mitchell, one of passengers set to board an […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com The U.S Secret service says they have received a letter addressed to President Obama  that contained a suspicious substance. Secret Service Spokesman Ed Donovan states that the letter was received in a facility that was far away from the White House.  The letter shows up a day after lawmakers said a letter was sent to […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com Baltimore City Fire crews were on the scene of a two-alarm fire that blazed through the Washington Village neighborhood.  The Fire started not too long after 6:20 a.m Friday morning.  When fire crews arrived to the scene they witnessed smoke then shortly after very intense flames. Read Here For More Details. BREAKING: At Least […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com A Maryland family living in South Korea is watching the potential dangers between North Korea and The United States. David Ro has lived in Korea For 11 years and the threats from North Korea has him worried for his family’s safety.  He says ” We do have an evacuation plan, and the American […]