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While sitting home contemplating about what you want to do for your mother, here are some easy activities that just might help you out:

1. Massages – If your mom loves massages then this is the activity for her.  All you have to do is ind a nice place where you can send her to get an early massage then meet her after at her favorite restaurant for brunch. 

2. Breakfast in Bed – This is an old classic activity but I still think it’s cherished by most moms around the world. The idea of your children and/or husband cooking you breakfast is such a thoughtful way to celebrate motherhood.

3. Relaxation and Do Whatever – Sometimes on Mother’s Day moms just want to relax and do nothing. She just may want to lay on the couch and watch TV all the day but the most important thing is that you let that special lady in your life decide what she wants to do. Just, don’t forget the card or flowers.

What do you have planned for your mother?

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