He was one of 15 alleged members of the "Cruddy Conniving Crutballs," indicted for a slew of crimes related to a drug-dealing operation in east Baltimore

Marjorie Taylor Greene makes a series of racist comments in uncovered videos.

A student who uploaded images of the inside one school and the lack of distancing among other concerns has been suspended.

Mayor Bottoms, who recently recovered from COVID-19, has instituted a mandatory face mask rule to help curtail the spread of the virus

A video posted onto a social media shows a Clayton Country police officer pulling and pointing a gun on a group of teenagers who appeared to be walking down the street.

Kevon Watkins choked his sister Alexus, 19, because she confronted him about changing the home's Internet password to play X-Box.

Karen Harrison's son died after falling on his head in a beauty supply parking lot.

She is the mother of Jordan Davis was shot and killed in Nov. 2012.

As a result of the hit-and-run that happened in front of her home, LaDerihanna Holmes suffered a fractured skull, broken pelvic bone, several cuts and other internal injuries.