The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) launched a “For the People” Jobs Initiative Monday, including nationwide job fairs and town hall meetings in response to alarmingly high unemployment rates in Black America. A job fair and town hall at Cleveland State University in Ohio will be the first part of the CBC’s iniative. TheGrio.com reports: “Recently, […]

In light of the surging wealth disparity and unemployment rate, among other socio-economic issues plaguing the country, Rev. Al Sharpton wrote a column in the Huffington Post, urging Americans —African-Americans in particular — to take more action in challenging the government. In the column, Sharpton encourages African-Americans to address their issues at the National Action […]

MICHIGAN — Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill that will cut Welfare benefits to 48 months, beginning Oct. 1. As a result, families at the end of their two years will need to find employment in a state where the unemployment rate catapulted to 10.5 percent. Such measures could dramatically impact children. Read More […]

A recent review of job vacancy postings on sites like Monster.com, CareerBuilder, and Craigslist revealed that hundreds of employers said that they consider, or strongly prefer, people currently employed or recently laid off. This places the 14 million unemployed American in a very dire condition. Unemployment is already scathing the country, and now it could […]

Roland Martin talks with Van Jones about his new initiative to get Americans back to work called Rebuild the Dream. From RebuildtheDream.com: Van Jones called this new wave of energy the “American Dream Movement.” It’s growing stronger by the day, and it’s not going away until Americans can find jobs, afford to go to college, […]

According to an extensive study conducted by Pew Research, women are most scathed by the rising unemployment. Within the pass two years men, who were once considered most effected by unemployment, have gained 768,000 jobs, while women have lost 218, 000. The Huffington Post Reports: In 15 out of 16 economic sectors, men have done […]

CHICAGO — Former president Bill Clinton hosted a two-day job summit in Chicago to seek new, innovative ways to help grow the economy. The Clinton Global Initiative America Jobs Summit’s goal is to share the best ideas and brainstorm new ones, so that individuals, cities, states, and companies can help grow the economy, despite strains […]

NORTH CAROLINA — According a new study by the College Board’s Advocacy & Policy Center, young Black and Hispanic men are heading down a socially downward spiral. The study found that 51 percent of Hispanic males and 45 percent of African American males ages 15-24 will end up unemployed, incarcerated or dead. ABC News Channel […]

WASHINGTON — After much setback in passing legislative measures to mitigate the unemployment rate among African-Americans, the Congressional Black Caucus will embark on a tour through distressed cities to lead a host of job fairs and town hall meetings. The tour is scheduled to commence this summer in Chicago, and will visit cities including Detroit, […]

A recent article on the New York Times is about the way in which college graduates are facing greater and greater difficulty in finding employment after leaving school. The New York Times reports: Employment rates for new college graduates have fallen sharply in the last two years, as have starting salaries for those who can […]