g class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-501522″ src=”http://newsone.com/files/2010/04/obama5.jpg” alt=”President Barack Obama” width=”512″ height=”417″ /> HONOLULU — Hawaii legislators have passed a measure allowing a state agency to ignore repeated requests from a person or organization for President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

g class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-502062″ src=”http://newsone.com/files/2010/04/arton17500-ae4c5.jpg” alt=”arton17500-ae4c5″ width=”500″ height=”411″ /> WASHINGTON — Recognizing his debt to her quiet perseverance, an emotional President Barack Obama eulogized Dorothy Height as a humble champion of civil rights who deserved a seat of honor in American history.

Gawker noticed this peculiar error on the Washington Post’s website yesterday. While this unintentional comedy was ultimately harmless, for some Obama haters the idea that he’s a secret Black radical who’s indistinguishable from Malcolm X (politically, anyway) probably isn’t too far off from what they really believe. – NewsOne Staff

Among the outspoken African-American political and social figures that have criticized President Obama for not doing more for black Americans in these tough economic times, Al Sharpton has emerged as the voice of support for Obama’s presidential initiatives designed to help all Americans. According to an article written for The Wall Street Journal, “President Barack […]

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Washington (CNN) — Senators voted 60-39 shortly after 7 a.m today to pass the bill. The bill now moves to a conference committee to reconcile differences with the version passed by the House of Representatives. The Senate health care bill cleared a third and final procedural hurdle Wednesday as Democrats successfully limited remaining debate time […]

President Obama has frequently suggested that the best way for him to aid minority Americans economically is to expand the economy for everyone. Ironically, that position is not particularly different from words uttered by former President Bush who actually did very little to benefit non-white Americans. Now, the help-everybody-and-minorities-will-benefit approach to pulling the nation out […]