Phase 1A will have an anticipated 155,000 initial doses, with 50,700 doses coming from Pfizer and 104,300 from Moderna. 

It comes as the state readies a campaign to convince the public to trust the vaccine.

He currently has no symptoms and is working from home. 

Rutherford also said health care workers will get the vaccine first followed by workers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 

The state is also asking all colleges and universities to develop emergency policies and procedures to give academic credit to any students willing to work in health care during the pandemic. 

Gov. Larry Hogan made the announcement during a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

You can access MD COVID Alert by downloading the app if you have an Android phone. If you have an iPhone, you can access it by going to your settings. 

A new study out of the UK has revealed that mouthwash can kill COVID-19 in seconds!

While the alarming numbers in COVID-19 cases are taking center stage, some promising news in vaccines provides hope. No, Donald Trump had nothing to do with it.