There are way too many subliminal and overt racist messages to unpack here.

When the Wi-Fi at the crib isn't working, you've gotta escape to an internet cafe for a few hours...or maybe ten years.

Last night, President Obama hosted a lavish State Dinner at the White House, alongside his beautiful wife Michelle Obama. From Hollywood’s most praised, to corporate and diplomatic heavyweights,…


According to a new report, China recently put the U.S. on blast for their racial discrimination and police brutality issues, although the nation has condemned the country…

Via  Federal Agents went under cover to bring down a huge software piracy scheme. Xiang Li, a man from China, was caught selling stolen software. In Maryland, counterfeit merchandise has become a major issue. Read More.  $1 Million Donations Wanted For Obama’s Inauguration New York Woman Given 6 Months To Live Due To Hospital Mistake Family Sues NYPD After […]

A Chinese toddler hospitalized after she was hit by a van, run over by another and ignored by passers-by died early Friday. Surveillance video, which went viral earlier tis week, shows 2-year-old Wang Yue being struck and ignored by nearly two dozen people as she lay in the middle of street. The shocking video went viral […]

The state-run Xinhua news agency says the plane overshot the runway and burst into flames while trying to land in the city of Yichun in remote Heilongjiang province, Xinhua said.

Do you remember when the Chinese started practicing sex-specific abortions, preferring male children to females? How brilliant, they never considered the long term effects. Let’s just say they had it coming; these are the results when you deliberately mess with mother nature. Via Jan. 11 — More than 24 million Chinese men of marrying […]