Once more, Owens finds herself a trending topic on Twitter after she shared an email from a private facility in Colorado that refused to give her a test based on her anti-mask and vaccine information mark.

Candace Owens let America know how she really feels about Antifa and so-called "mob rule" when she spoke her truth that didn't match up with her past comments on the same topic.


Candace Owens is a darling of the far-right due to her "Sure I'll tap dance for you massa" antics but that doesn't mean the jig hasn't been spotted, and not just by Black people. The top tier, self-hating buffoon has been suspended by GoFundMe due to her gaslighting antics. 


It’s unclear what in the hell is wrong with Candace Owens. Perhaps this is what full-blown self-hatred looks like, or maybe she and Kanye West are drunk from the same “free thought” Kool-Aid, or if she’s just trolling us with her pro-Trump, anti-Black rhetoric. But on Tuesday, the 29-year-old conservative truly showed her ignorant a** […]