MONTGOMERY-One person was arrested and several other people are being sought after a massive brawl erupted at the Alabama State University cafeteria during lunchtime. reports: By looking at the video closely, you can see a police officer apparently get hit by a flying chair. Students tell us there were three other fights leading up […]

ALABAMA- Parents of students at small High School in Millry Alabama say that a father stormed the gym and threatened to kill Black basketball players for talking to his daughter. Local 15 reports: “He said that if any contact was made to his daughter that he would kill him and his black friends,” said Latisha […]

Alabama– Two shots were fired in a courtroom in Goodwater, Alabama, and a man was removed on a stretcher, local media reported on Thursday.

WASHINGTON — Lawyers for Shelby County Alabama asked a federal judge in Washington today to declare two key parts of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional because Congress relied on old voting statistics when it extended the historic civil rights law for another 25 years. The case, likely to wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court, […]

ALABAMA — An estimated 300 dead birds have been found on the side of the I-65 highway in Alabama, WAFF News reports.

Orlando — A while back, some black barbers in central Florida must have felt like they fell asleep – and woke up in 1833.

A 74-year-old Mobile woman has survived being pinned under her van for two nights after it rolled into a drainage ditch near Interstate 10 in Mississippi.

A pistol-packing grandmother in northern Alabama believes intruders will think twice before messing with her again.