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Police in Kansas City, Missouri, still seem to doubt Black women are being kidnapped despite a recently escaped abductee telling cops she was a victim, too. The post Kansas City Cops Still Appear To Doubt Black Women Were Kidnapped Despite Escaped Victim’s Proof appeared first on NewsOne.

After the Saint Paul interim police chief gave remarks, Mingus took the opportunity to talk about the issues with policing. The post ‘We Keep Us Safe…Riots Work’: Minnesota Man Used Police Award Ceremony To Speak Out Against Them appeared first on NewsOne.

With the midterm election just weeks away, the Legal Defense Fund is doing everything it takes to ensure voters feel empowered and informed to cast their ballots. The post Mississippi Advocates Urge Secretary Of State To Fix Voting Information Ahead Of 2022 Election appeared first on NewsOne.

Anniversaries are usually a time for celebration, but the idea of another decade or more with Thomas on the bench is enough to bring tears to one's eyes.  The post Commentary: Clarence Thomas Has Been Undermining People’s Rights For 31 Years And Counting appeared first on NewsOne.

DOJ's $139 million gift for police departments to hire more cops might mean crime reduction, but it definitely means increased police racism. The post DOJ Says $139 Million Will Go To Hiring More Cops. Here’s What That Can Mean For Black People appeared first on NewsOne.

Shaw University President Paulette Dillard accused Spartanburg County deputies of racial profiling for stopping the HBCU's bus in South Carolina. The post HBCU President Accuses South Carolina Cops Of Racial Profiling For Searching Students’ Bus appeared first on NewsOne.

Denis Vladmirovich Molla pleaded guilty to wire fraud after staging a fake BLM arson and graffiti in hopes of a big insurance payout. The post White Lies Matter: MAGA Moron Pleads Guilty To Faking ‘BLM’ Graffiti And Arson In Insurance Fraud Failure appeared first on NewsOne.

Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, revealed chilling details from his 911 during an episode of Red Table Talk. The post For The First Time, Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Shares Chilling Details From 911 Call Leading To Her Death appeared first on NewsOne.

Jaheim McMillan, 15, did not have a gun when a Gulfport, Mississippi police officer shot him in the head, multiple eyewitnesses claim. The post Jaheim McMillan Witnesses Contradict Cops After Mississippi Police Shoot Black Teen In The Head appeared first on NewsOne.

Now-former Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez quit her post after racist remarks she said about a Black boy were recently revealed. The post LA City Council President Nury Martinez Resigns In Shame After Racist Remarks Revealed appeared first on NewsOne.