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The San Francisco Giants regretfully announced that MLB legend and Giants great Willie Mays died Tuesday afternoon. 

This weekend (Sunday, March 10th), whether you like it or not, the clocks will once again move ahead an hour for daylight saving time. 

Atlanta police have arrested a woman who tried to burn down the birth home of Martin Luther King Jr. Authorities claim that the 26-year-old...

So far in September, roughly 45 children have been reported missing in the Cleveland-Akron area, up from the already high 35 that went missing in August,

Jonathan Majors was in the right place at the right time on Monday afternoon as he was able to stop a serious fight between high school students before things went too far. 

Kevin Ford, a 27-year veteran at a Burger King in Las Vegas, has received more than $400,000 in donations from mostly caring strangers who love his story.

On August 27th for National Cinema Day, moviegoers will have the chance to watch anything they want in the theater for a total of $4 per ticket.

Today (August 9) would've been the late Whitney Houston's 60th birthday, and Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame has the perfect way for us to celebrate.

Parents in Indiana face new charges today after their 5-year-old shot and killed their toddler back in March.

Florida police released a video of the arrest. Although the little girl's face is blurred out, you can still see the event, and even hear an officer telling her to use this as a "learning experience".