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The digital era has brought us many new technological advances — music streams in place of CDs, the many capabilities of an iPhone and the recent introduction of Facebook’s venture into AR/VR with Meta are just a handful of strong examples.

Another reason we also got to thank the Digital Era is for introducing us to the online lodge booking app known as Airbnb, which makes traveling on-the-go a much rewarding experience compared to the usual hotel stays or crashing on a loved one’s couch.

Unfortunately, one couple is ready to give their most recent Airbnb experience a negative-zero stars after found out the host planted a hidden camera in the bedroom and more than likely recorded them having sex.


The situation is apparently not new according to a graphic seen above posted on social media last month, which gives helpful advice on how to check if your Airbnb is equipped with a hidden camera. Couple Kayla DeCristofaro and Ian Kelly reportedly rented a property in Maine from a man named Peter Madden last September, later discovering he was hit with seven counts of violating privacy by way of a recording device.

More details on their rental from hell below, via TMZ:

“The couple claims they had no knowledge of this at the time … not suspecting anything was amiss and carrying on with their stay like normal — including getting busy in the bedroom, among other intimate moments in which they were undressed and/or having private convos.

Welp, about a month later … DeCristofaro and Kelly allege they were contacted by the local police, which they say informed them that Madden had a camera hidden in a clock radio in the bedroom … with a full view of the bed, and which was apparently filming.”

As one might expected at this point in the story, Kayla and Ian confirmed that they had no prior notice from either Madden or Airbnb of the cameras in place during their stay. The lawsuit lists violation of privacy and emotional distress as charges.

Have you ever been the victim of an Airbnb gone wrong? Tell us your stories!




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