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If you’re a black male in America, since the time you could remember you have been trained from your parents on how what to do if pulled over by a police officer so that you make it back home.  Some don’t like hearing this truth but it is true all the same.  Fast forwarding to the days and times of cellphones with video recording people now have another tool to document their encounter with police however the lessons that have being taught since the beginning of our time still apply, because the video doesn’t help you make it home and in a lot of cases because it was the video that put the nail in Derek Chauvin’s when a brave teenager video taped him murdering George Floyd, civilians video taping police has become an irritant.   Some police feel their bodycam/dashcam should be the end all, be all however that theory didn’t work as planned for a police officer in Philadelphia pulled someone over then erased the persons video of an alleged arrest with two different stories, but the officer forgot he was recording himself with his own bodycam now the civilian is suing.

Officer Burnett says he noticed a pickup truck idling at a gas station, so police ran the plates and it came back to Jacob Giddings, that allegedly had an active warrant for assault, so Officer Burnett asked him to step out of the vehicle, and when he allegedly started to resisting arrest Officer Burnett used force to pull him out which caused Mr. Giddings to suffer minor cuts to his wrist from the handcuffs then was taken to a hospital for treatment for his injuries.  Giddings say’s he was recording the incident, while Burnett allegedly took the phone and erased it, but he forgot that his bodycam was still rolling.

Jacob Giddings was still arrested however his attorney has since retrieved the alleged deleted video from iCloud now Officer Burnett has been placed on administrative duty status pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

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