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Source: AFP Contributor / Getty

A Shock Trauma security guard on trial for rape charges and impersonating a police officer was previously found guilty of impersonating an officer.

Richard Stephen Barnes, 50, is expected to appear before a judge Thursday.

Baltimore City’s Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told CBS Baltimore Barnes pulled over the victim in the 2700 block of North Lovegrove Street In Charles Village last week.  He said Barnes identified himself as a police officer, put the woman in his car and drove off.

Harrison said Barnes raped the victim and then took her back to Charles Village.

The investigation lead police to pull 120 squad cars off the streets. They were wrapped in crime tape. All of them are now back in service.

License plate reader technology, camera footage from the area and a hand search of motor vehicle records helped police track down Barnes’ car.

Court records show in 1996, he was found guilty of impersonating a police officer — a misdemeanor —and sentenced to six months in jail. A judge suspended all of it. The incident happened in Woodlawn in Baltimore County.

Source: CBS Baltimore