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Just when you couldn’t fathom it could get any messier…

The sister of the self-hating Black teen who recently told Dr. Phil that she’s white and hates people of color swears that the entire story was made up!

Nina, a 25-year-old woman claiming to be Treasure Richards older sister says that the 16-year-old plotted this elaborate scheme to become a viral Internet meme.

In a recent Instagram Live post, she spilled all the tea.

“All Treasure known is Black all her life,” Nina said, adding that her mother was also in on it for the money.

“[She] wanted to go to an all-expenses-paid trip to California. My mom is used to living a certain lifestyle; she hasn’t lived that lifestyle in years. She lost all of her money, is broke, so she wanted to get this last hurrah in.”

“Treasure is banned from every CVS in America, she’s a middle-school dropout, such a hoodrat, sold fake hair online for high prices, delivered fake weave to people’s home that was like bulls**t quality dollar store hair for like $50 and stuff like that. She had people looking for her.”

Nina also stated that all of Treasure’s friends are Black and that her mother is to blame for any ill behavior.

“All Treasure’s friends are Black,” before adding “she was a sweet little girl. It wasn’t until my mom neglected her and thrown her to the streets like she does all her kids that Treasure started acting like this.”

In a recent interview with Essence, Nina admitted shared Treasure’s behavior has disgraced her entire family, minus her mother, who accompanied the teenager to the show.

“They disgraced my dad who I loved dearly. I haven’t spoken to my mom since the episode aired,” Nina said, adding that she plans on calling Child Protective Services on her mother.

“My mom and I have had a relationship very rocky because she’s done a lot of evil stuff. Treasure always knew who her biological dad was, when it came to daddy (William), he was a very loving and kind man. All of that narrative of her not knowing she wasn’t white, is fake. He loved us and was such a loving person and seeing his picture his picture slapped all over television was a disgrace.”

She also claims she called a Dr. Phil producer to let them know her sister was lying, but stressed that the talk show host doesn’t care about the truth, just ratings.

“Dr. Phil’s people did not care. They wanted to spin this narrative. This is why I believe everyone on that show’s staff is a racist. Dr. Phil corrected my sister for saying “retard” is a derogatory word, but never corrected her on saying ni–ers,” Nina continued.

“As a proud makeup artist, who promotes Black beauty, it offended me to hear my sister talk about Black women the way she did. My mom raised me to be a proud Black woman, and the love of Black culture was always there.”

As we previously reported, Treasure made headlines when she showed her entire a$$ for the world to see.

“I’m white. I’m a Caucasian because everything about me is different from an African American,” she said. “I have naturally straight hair. My hair is not nappy; it doesn’t require a weave. My nose is not giant, like African-Americans, my lips are perfect […] Most African-Americans speak ghetto. When it comes to black people, I think they’re all ugly and I have nothing in common with them. I’m different from African Americans because I’m white.”


We’re just waiting on Dr. Phil, Treasure and her momma to comment on these allegations. We will keep you posted!


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