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The country’s division following the 2016 Presidential Election has been greatly felt by all Americans.

A video recently went viral showing an angry White woman shouting and claiming she was being discriminated against by African-American employees at a Chicago arts and crafts store. Jessie Grady, who recorded the video entitled “Racist White Woman Trump Rant in Chicago Store,” says she had just gone through the checkout line at Michaels and was standing at the exit to show her 2-year-old child a Christmas ornament, when the customer launched into a “30-minute racist rant complete with yelling and cursing and repeated references to the fact that both employees were African-American,” the Chicagoist reports.

In the video, the irate customer yells, “Yes, I voted for Trump, so there. You want to kick me out because of that? And look who won.” The customer even confronted Grady and accused her 2-year-old child of stealing store merchandise. Multiple customers and store security reportedly called police during the tirade. But by the time police arrived, the unidentified customer had already left the store.

Grady was so moved by the incident that she started a GoFundMe campaign because the store manager, who took the brunt of the customer’s anger, has three children. Grady wanted to make the family’s holidays a little brighter. As of Sunday night, the campaign had raised over $1,000, beating its $400 goal.

Check out the racist rant above.

SOURCE: Chicagoist

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