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Apartment complexes.

Is this a joke?

Earlier this week, New York City lawyers got together and concluded that the family of 23-year-old Olivia Brown doesn’t deserve a settlement from the city.

According to new reports, the lawyers’ opinion is that the college student, who was murdered in Harlem’s Lincoln Houses back in July, must have known how dangerous living in the projects can be.

Seriously, that’s their argument.

“All the risks, hazards and dangers were open, obvious and apparent to [Brown] and said risks, hazards and dangers were openly and voluntarily assumed by [Brown],” NYCHA’s lawyers wrote, claiming that the agency could not have prevented Brown’s death. “Such damages and injuries are attributable, in whole or in part, to the culpable conduct of the plaintiff’s decedent and/or third parties.”

Gawker continues:

Olivia Brown’s mother, Crystal, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city last year, claiming a lack of security allowed a woman, Michele “Mohawk” Graham, 36, into the Lincoln Houses before she shot and killed Olivia, 23, after an argument. Graham is a former resident of the housing development, thePost reports, but according to police was homeless at the time of the shooting.

Lawyers from the New York City Housing Authority argued that the shooting was “unavoidable” and “spontaneous.”

Crystal, Olivia’s mother, became upset when she heard the news about the settlement, saying in an interview with the New York Post:

“I can’t believe they’re saying she’s responsible for her murder,” she said. “Everybody has a right to be safe in their home. Why wasn’t my daughter safe? Because we’re poor and live in public housing?”

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

SOURCE: Gawker, NY Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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