The tree will be wrapped in 50,000 multi-colored energy efficient LED lights and crowned with a Swarovski crystal star. 


Best believe New Yorkers who've gotten through the months long quarantine and shutdown that other states refused to initiate are appreciative of these measures being taken by the city.

Add those convenient Revel scooters to the list of things New Yorkers can no longer enjoy because we can't have nice things.

Even though relations between the law and the community continue to be tense, a squad from The Big Apple has figured out how to drop the ball big time. A set of badges were caught on tape doing the most. As spotted on Raw Story, NYPD’s finest were spotted using some very questionable and downright authoritarian […]

Dollaride encourages individuals to invest in their business and make affordable transportation available to anyone, anywhere, starting with those living in transit deserts.

As the world continues to rally for social equity there are some Black people who prefer to sleep on the floor in Uncle Tom’s cabin. Two women have been exposed as house Negros. As spotted on Madam Noire the females who defaced the Black Lives Matter mural last week in midtown Manhattan have been identified. On […]


We're not sure if it's the sudden removal of NYPD's plainclothes cops, unemployment or the Coronavirus pandemic, but crime in New York City has erupted in the past few weeks. A grisly discovery in Manhattan's Lower East Side seems to show that it's only going to be getting wilder as the summer of 2020 chugs along.

Amy Cooper may have thought that she was instilling fear when she filed a false call against Black birdwatcher, Christian Cooper, but instead turned her own life upside leading to a felony charge. According to published reports, despite the unwillingness of the victim Cooper to cooperate, the New York District Attorney's office has reportedly decided to move forward with the prosecution of Amy Cooper for the May 25th filing of a false police report on Mr. Cooper, claiming he was "threatening her life."


Today New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio fulfilled his promise to paint "BLACK LIVES MATTER" in giant yellow letters right in front of the Racist-In-Chief's Fifth Avenue Trump Tower building in Manhattan. Something that caused Donald Trump to have a meltdown on Twitter after it was announced.


Finally, Central Karen is finally going to be charged.