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Malinda and I had dreams. They were real, tangible and obtainable as family and as a couple.

We started that way.

When MaLinda and I started dating 20 years ago, the first question that we asked each other was where we see ourselves in 5 years.  As the meal and the conversation progressed, we circled back to that question, but asked about 10 years.  Eventually, during that same conversation, we were talking about where we each saw ourselves in 20 years.  This is because we both wanted to be with someone who had vision, was progressive and was motivated.  And, for 20 years, we supported and motivated one another to excel at the highest levels in our individual goals.  For MaLinda, this manifested in her earning a Ph.D., becoming a licensed clinical psychologist, a professor of psychology, and being asked to serve on various corporate boards.  For me, it was building a successful solo career as a Gospel artist in addition to academic achievements.

We both had a vision of building a family and God blessed us with three beautiful children.  Another collective goal and dream was established in 2008 when we started talking about opening the first performing arts middle and high school in Western Michigan.  We worked tirelessly to bring this to pass, to no avail – we were turned down by four different academic authorizers.  In the interim, we developed the idea into an after school program. It was the start of putting a dream into action. We were trying and that is all you can do. You don’t get ahead if you don’t  try.

What are you trying to do? Have you started your plan?

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