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Chicago, Illinois–  It’s a w(rap) for Grammy-award winning hip-hop artist Che “Rhymefest” Smith, who was making a bid to become alderman of Chicago’s 20th ward.

Smith narrowly lost last night to incumbent Willie Cochran, a retired police officer.  While the rapper believes his past arrests and rapper image considerably affected his chances, Smith claimed an impressive 46% of the vote to Cochran’s 54%.

“I know that I didn’t fit the profile of an alderman traditionally. We gonna keep fighting for your votes to be counted. Every one of these irregularities is going to be taken care of,” said Smith, “It’s not about me winning or losing, it’s about hope”.

He also added, “Eleven and 12 year old children ask me ‘can you stop the gang banging?’ I say ‘you have to help too.’ ”



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