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Cheryl Lacey Donovan delivers an empowering and life-changing book titled, Women, What the Hell Are You Thinking Now? Through the pages of this book, Donovan seeks to help women look inside themselves for the change they want to see in their lives.

Women, What the Hell Are You Thinking Now? compels women to: identify negative strongholds in their lives and tear them down, realign their thoughts to create a purposeful mentality, speak to the mountains in their lives in faith, experience freedom from a non-productive life, and enjoy the abundant life God intended for them.

Donovan writes, “Women often find themselves in compromising positions. Much of this is due to poor choices and poor decision-making. I am a firm believer that we should teach people how to treat us. When we do a poor job of that, we suffer the consequences. So, how do we change this pattern? By looking at examples that work.”

Read the article I wrote that takes on some of the same reasoning Cheryl discusses here  Book Review:The Denzel Principle-“Why Good Women Can’t Find Good Men”- Jimi Izrael

The purpose of Women, What the Hell Are You Thinking Now? is to transform the lives of women and help them experience the joy and freedom of living productive lives. Will you be picking up a copy Or do you feel like this more of the same?

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