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People like us  nationwide have turned up in full force for the Green Bay Packers to win the Big game.

In Lincoln Financial Field, the Georgia Dome and Soldier Field “Go Pack Go!” chants have been heard, spurring the Packers toward victory.

While the Super Bowl may not feature allocated seating for either fanbase like a college bowl game, Green Bay are well known for their traveling supporters, something that is likely to turn out big numbers in two weeks.

Of course, the Pittsburgh Steelers can also rely on this factor.

Both Lambeau Field and Heinz Field have been sold out for quite some time.  Although the Packers hold the distinct consecutive attendance advantage over Pittsburgh, at the end of the day a fairly well-balanced gathering is expected for Cowboys Stadium.

Nonetheless, the Steelers have relished home-field advantage, finding mental support from their loud fans.

Cheeseheads will pop up with each and every camera flash—along an abundance of Terrible Towels—making Super Bowl XLV that more exciting.