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Kid Rock appeared in a DeKalb County courthouse in Decatur, Georgia, on Thursday to testify in a lawsuit stemming from a 2007 fight at a Waffle House restaurant, the Associated Press reports. Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, testified that he didn’t hit Harlen Akins and that a fight hadn’t even occurred until Akins provoked the singer.

Akins, who is seeking $6,000 in medical fees and unspecified damages, claimed that he has no idea what set off Rock and his entourage. Rock testified that while certain parties of his entourage may have hit Akins, he himself never touched him. “I gave it to him verbally, I said, ‘Shut your mouth, man,'” he said in court.

Rock, who was sentenced to a year of probation following the incident, further explained that Akins, an event promoter and caterer, angered the party after he insulted Davina Barnes, a woman with Rock’s entourage, and later asked about Rock’s ex-wife, Pamela Anderson. Rock explained that he and his party were acting in self-defense.

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