Update on the breaking news yesterday was that 45 year PGA great Tiger Woods was involved in a serious single car accident that required authorities to use the jaws of life to remove him from the vehicle near Los Angeles Tuesday morning shortly after 7:00 am. The police officer at he scene said that Tiger […]

https://www.facebook.com/TheHayride/posts/10155052764394675 Robbie Gatti, a Louisiana politician, who dressed up as Tiger Woods by donning blackface for a community event is defending the controversial costume. He’s being blasted by residents in Bossier City, Louisiana after a photograph of him in blackface at First Baptist Church surfaced this week. However, Gatti insists that his blackface was merely part […]

Men – why do you cheat? When it will cost you your assets, spouse, close contact with your children – and in extreme cases, even your life? This is not a bona fide man-bashing piece, replete with references to stars like Tiger Woods, and tragic athletes like football’s Steve McNair — who was murdered by […]

Tiger Woods did not shine like he has in the past at the greatest golf event of the year, the Masters Tournament. Tiger has been humbled once again. Even though we may not have been huge golf fans, we have rallied around the triumphs and trials of this ethnically mixed black man. Related article: Does […]

A website promising a Tiger Woods sex tape has surfaced, marking some virgin territory in the fallen golf legend’s cheating scandal.

Unfortunately Tiger Woods is back in the news, or should I say his nosey neighbor is. And he has the nerve to try to cash in on the unfortunate events of Tiger and Elin’s marriage. Jerome “Jay” Adams, Tiger’s next door neighbor, launched the website behindthegates.com and visitors would be able to hear detailed personal […]

Tiger Woods announced today that he will take a break from golf as a result of a neck injury and isn’t sure when he will return. He claims that the injury has been troublesome since last month’s Masters. After an MRI taken of his neck this week, Woods sounded cautious.

After the media frenzy that surrounded Tiger Woods‘ car accident and alleged affairs, he finally speaks publicly to a select group of friends, colleagues and associates at PGA headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Here’s What He Had To Say According to CNN.com, a statement on Woods’ Web site elaborated: “While Tiger feels that what […]

Like no other year before it, 2009 started off on a high note for African Americans. President Barack Obama was inaugurated. We braved the 20 degree cold weather in Washington D.C and oohed and aahed watching the first couple dance as Beyonce sang “At Last” at the Inauguration Ball. It was also the year of […]