Tea Party

FROM NYDailyNews.com: One strike and she was out.

When we study the intense struggle for civil rights in this nation, we quickly – and rightfully so – find ourselves analyzing the life and legacy of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We learn of his tireless efforts to achieve equality and justice for all of humanity, as we pass on anecdotes of […]

From MSNBC.com: A black USDA official in Georgia has resigned after publicly admitting she didn’t help a white man trying to save his farm to the “full force” of her power and instead referred him to “one of his own.”

Tea Party Spokesman Mark Williams talks about his controversial comments that mocked the NAACP. WATCH: Did Tea Party spokesman mock NAACP?

After the NAACP passed a resolution declaring the Tea Party to be a “racist” organization, Tea Party-backed Florida Congressional candidate Allen West held a town hall meeting in Fort Lauderdale to address the concerns of voters. He also wrote blog posts defending the Tea Party, while at the same time attacking the NAACP.

By RK Byers: In keeping with the tradition of the original Boston Tea Party, today’s Tea Party Patriots are on point in one respect: they’re just as dumb as their predecessors.