Sexual Abuse

A new national sex-abuse hotline will be created to report sexual assault within the Catholic church. U.S. Catholic Bishops voted Wednesday to create the hotline which will be run by an independent entity. The decision represents one of the church’s most tangible steps yet in confronting its sex-abuse crisis. “If you need to call the […]


A Frederick County Grand Jury has indicted 68-year-old Dr. Ernesto Torres on 65 additional sexual abuse related charges after 11 victims came forward following his initial rape accusation of a patient, according to Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office. Torres, who was free on $100,000 bond in the earlier case, was arrested Monday afternoon, with a […]

The Catholic archdiocese in Baltimore published the names of 23 dead priests and religious brothers Wednesday who it says were credibly accused of child sex abuse after their deaths. This release marks a revision to an archdiocese policy that once prohibited the naming of priests and brothers who were no longer alive when they were […]

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A private school in Maryland has confirmed that several teachers sexually abused students from the 1970s through the early 1990s, and that the school failed to protect students from them. The Key School released the report on its website Monday after an investigation that began in April. The school’s administration and […]

Police arrested a Texas teacher for having a sexual relationship with her adolescent male student. She claims his parents approved of the relationship.

Watch Roland Martin and NewsOne Now's coverage of the alleged Afrika Bambaataa sexual assault and abuse scandal in the video clip above.

During Thursday's edition of NewsOne Now, guest host Van Jones and the day's panel of guests discussed the sentencing and the egregious disparities in justice this case has exposed when punishing politicians for wrong-doing.

Nebraska native Brandon Weathers was sentenced to serve between 100 and 160 years in prison for raping his foster child and claiming she impregnated herself with a syringe.

Earlier this month, a man called the cops after two women twerked on him in a D.C. gas station, and now he's finally speaking out to reveal his side of the story.