As sickening as it was for the world to see George Floyd being murdered by a now ex-Minneapolis consisted murder police officer, the worlds eyes were opened to racism first hand or better yet the wrong doing of those that are supposed to protect and serve us.  But whats even sicker than witnessing the inhuman […]

Months after a riot exploded in Minneapolis, police finally identified the man who incited violence during a peaceful protest demanding justice for the death of George Floyd. The man is suspected to be a white supremacist in multiple groups. The investigation is ongoing.

Derek Chauvin was arrested charged with the murder of George Floyd last week, but protests continue as the other 3 officers involved remained free. Today (June 3), the aforementioned cops who stood by while Floyd was killed have been charged with aiding and abetting murder.

An official tally of those who flocked to the south Minneapolis area where Floyd was killed hasn't been released but the protest erupted into chaos after police fired tear gas into the crowds.

Video footage shows ex-police officer Christopher Reiter viciously kicked 35-year-old Mohammed Osman’s face with his foot during a domestic violence investigation in May. Osman claims that a brain injury resulting from the arrest has left him unable to work and care for his children.

They claim the 32-year-old was negligent because he was high on marijuana while driving and did not obey the officer's commands.

“Kids love Santa no matter what color you are,” says Larry Jefferson-Gamble.

The scholarship will go to an underprivileged Central High School student who plans to study education or child development.