Mediatakeout claims to have uncovered a letter sent by Jamal Harris who has accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual abuse, to the Bishop. Here is a short part. I will not allow you to take anymore from what you have taken. and if you dont know let me tell you: my joy and peace, my […]

by Kevin Powell Yesterday was our first day in New York State Supreme Court in the case of Congressman Edolphus “Ed” Towns versus Kevin Powell. In court instead of on the streets where two Democratic Congressional candidates and their staffers belong just six weeks from the Tuesday, September 14th Democratic Primary Election. In court instead […]

From Bringing a tough offense to protect his brand, Michael Jordan is suing Chicago’s two big grocery chains — Jewel and Dominick’s — for allegedly using his name and his number 23 to sell steaks and other goods without his permission. The multimillion-dollar lawsuits, filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court, stem from Jewel […]