Via  A 10-year-old girl was with her family on New Years shooting fireworks for the holiday celebration in Cecil County. Neighbors in the area were all out side celebrating in the festivities. But, some neighbors were shooting guns instead of fireworks. This negligent celebration caused the death of the young child. Read More.  Show Your Purple […]

Via People are concerned about their rights to bear arms and are scared it will taken away. Assault rifles are flying off the walls at gun stores. There have been many phone calls and a lot of traffic after the call for gun control was announced by President Obama. Read More.   Marion Barry […]

Via  On Saturday, Baltimore Police conducted a gun buy back. In lieu of the Friday Sandy Hook shooting, the event had been scheduled months in advance to take place this past weekend. Shop Rite Supermarket sponsored the event and offered $100 store gift cards for anyone who surrendered a fire arm. The effort brought 461 guns out of homes and off the […]

Via Fox Baltimore Montgomery County police say two officers shot and killed an armed man outside Urban Bar-B-Que on Olney Sandy Spring Road in Sandy Spring.  The incident occurred around 4:30p.m. after police responded to  a report of a man with a gun.  According to police spokesman, Capt. Paul Starks says three officers arrived to find a man sitting […]

Via: 12 year-old Hasson George was found shot in the chest with his mother’s service weapon in their New Jersey apartment. The young boy was shot by his older brother who is now 14 years-old. Hudson County prosecutor Edward DeFazio says that the young boy’s body was found on a sidewalk, where he was […]

DETROIT (AP) — A 29-year-old Detroit man who once told police “I kill people for money” pleaded guilty Monday to eight murders, including the contract killing of a police officer’s wife.