With nearly 15,000 Facebook followers rooting for him, a cheating husband was able to earn back the trust of his estranged wife, after he posted…


Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell’s (pictured) Facebook page was reportedly hacked, according to Gawker,. SEE ALSO: Retired Boxer Tony Martin Fatally Shot In Philly On…


A New Jersey politician “likes” big butts and he cannot lie because his Facebook page can’t deny, according to a report by The Jersey Journal.…

Via: News92fm.com One of the most often repeated status updates on Facebook these days is, “I’ll be glad when the election is over so I can be friends with all my friends again.” The social network site has become a political hotbed for some. With constant posts supporting or bashing one candidate or party over […]

Via:Forbes.com Facebook’s decision to give users a way to announce their organ donor status on the social networking site was a well-kept secret in the organ donor community before billionaire CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared the news onABC News’ Good Morning America. Tom Mone, CEO of OneLegacy, the federally designated organization that does organ recovery in […]

Via: Foxbaltimore.com 26 year-old Rahn Freeland is being charged with sexual solicitation of a minor. Freeland met the minor on Facebook. Reports say that he told the minor that he was 20 years-old, but when she met him, she realized that he was indeed older. The 14 year-old girl informed her parents of the messages […]

PHOENIX-Peoria, Ariz., police officer, Sgt. Pat Shearer, posted a picture of a group of teenagers holding guns, with one of them holding an Obama Hope T-shirt that appears to be full of bulletholes. The picture also appeared on the page of a high school student and is being investigated by the secret service. MSNBC reports: […]

SEATTLE — Here’s another reason for holdouts to join the social media site Facebook: It’s a great place to find a kidney. SEE ALSO: Why Ron Paul Got A Free Pass Between the kid photos and reminiscences about high school, more and more pleas for help from people with failing kidneys are popping up. Facebook […]

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has reached more than 800-million active users (that’s almost three times the size of the U.S. population). It has helped people connect with loved ones, promote entrepreneurial ventures, and even put out a call for help when nonprofits are in need or crimes are occurring. But every utopia – […]

Ramie Grimmer, the daughter of Rachelle Grimmer the woman who killed herself and shot her two children after being denied welfare at a benefits office in Laredo, Texas has died from her wounds. Before she died Ramie Grimmer posted “May Die 3day on her Facebook page. The New York Daily News reports: Her 10-year-old brother, […]